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Is you car coming upto the end of the lease contract? Want to sell your car quicker and more valuable? Or just bought it and it looks not well maintained with all of the smells, stains, exhausted exterior, and deeply stuck dirt all over the exterior and interior?

Our Valet service can improve your car all round, including deep, detailed, and high-level exterior and interior wash and clean. We can shampoo all of the seats, carpets, and mats plus Engine bay Cleaning dashboard, central console detailing and rest of the plastic trim cleaned and dressed to a high level.


  • Selling your car

  • Just Bought a car

  • End of Lease

  • Remove Stains from the Upholstery

  • Just need a Deep Clean

  • Pet Hair Removal

  • Remove a bad smell

Please contact us to discuss the elements involved and the work that may be necessary.

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