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Used Car Detail


• Pre-cleaning in multiple steps
• 3 Bucket-safe wash using ph neutral car shampoo
• Tar removed
• Iron fallout removed
• Wash again
• Clay bar to fully decontaminate the paint ready for machine polishing
• 2 Stage machine polishing
•Vehicle re-washed to remove dust created from paint correction stage
•Blown dry to remove trapped water 
•Paintwork wiped over with IPA 
•synthetic paint sealant and/or carnauba wax applied
•badges and grilles polished by hand and protected
•Exterior trim dressed with a permanent trim restorer
•Glass cleaned
•Tyres dressed  
•tailpipes cleaned



(From £150)

  • All plastics cleaned, dressed & protected leaving a natural finish

  • Vacuumed fully

  • Seats, upholstery & carpets cleaned

  • Leather surfaces fully cleaned using Leather cleaners

  • Mats hoovered & cleaned

  • Boot cleaned

  • Glass cleaned inside & out


NOTE: I aim for an approximate 70-80% removal of swirling and surface defects; severe swirling and scratches will remain present if too deep for the abrasive polish step to remove, or if the paint thickness' does not allow it.

• Car required 3-7days

Minimum of 40 hours on your car

Price Guide - Excluding Interior

Small Car (eg. Smart Car, Fiat 500) £595

Medium Car (eg. Ford Focus, Audi A3) £650

Large Car (eg. Audi RS6 Estate) £700

Extra Large Car (eg. Volvo XC-90, 7 Seater) £750

Vans (eg. VW T6) £850

Please note that for heavily soiled vehicles there will be an extra charge (Pet hair & Sand)

Recommended Protection Upgrades

GYEON Q² Infinite warranted coating (Certified Detailers Only) - £400

Q2 GYEON RIM - From £200

Q2 View (Rain Repellent) - £150

GYEON Leather/Fabric - £150

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