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The Ultimate in Protection

When you want the very best

  • Pre cleaning In multiple steps

  • Tar removed

  • Iron fallout removed

  • Door frame cleaned

  • Engine compartment detailed

  • Caliper cleaning

  • Rim & wheel arch cleaning with safe wheel brushes & cleaners

  • Wash again

  • Drying with super soft soft towels 

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water

  • Clay bar to fully decontaminate the paint

  • Multiple stages of machine polishing & Correction - 4 steps

  • Reduce/remove orange peel

  • Vehicle re washed to remove dust created from paint correction stage

  • Re dried

  • Interior detailed - Using the safest of products

  • Roof lining cleaned

  • All plastics cleaned and dressed leaving a natural finish

  • Seats, upholstery & carpets cleaned

  • Leather surfaces carefully cleaned using cleaners designed for safe cleaning of leather

  • Mats cleaned

  • Boot cleaned

  • Glass cleaned inside and out

  • All tools & spare wheel cleaned


Cornwall Vehicle Detailing Services

Please note that for heavily soiled vehicles there will be an extra charge (Pet hair & Sand)

Recommended Protection Upgrades

GYEON Q² Infinite warranted coating (Certified Detailers Only) - £400

Q2 GYEON RIM - From £200

Q2 View (Rain Repellent) - £150

GYEON Leather/Fabric - £150

Leather and Fabric Cleaner
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