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PPF - GYEON Paint Protection Films

PPF - GYEON Paint Protection Films Cornwall

Gyeon PPFs are advanced paint protection films, offering the ultimate protection against mechanical damage matched with outstanding water repellency, self-healing properties and unique finish.

Available in the following finishes;


Protect+ is a thick and hydrophobic paint protection film that offers maximum resistance against UV, chemical and mechanical damage. It is easy to apply with a low stretch mark risk, and has excellent gloss and self-healing properties.


Enhance serves as a shield against chemical and mechanical damage with no visual compromise, and sets a new standard in the PPF industry for clarity and depth. It is easy to apply and feels very slick, and has excellent hydrophobic and self-healing properties.


Matte is a non-glossy paint protection film for matte and satin finishes, and is highly resistant to chemicals, UV rays and yellowing. It is very easy to apply, has extreme hydrophobic properties and fully preserves the OEM look of matte and satin paint finishes. Plus, it can also be used to turn glossy finishes matte.


Black is a high gloss, deep black paint protection film that delivers an outstanding piano black finish with minimal visible structure. It shares many of the characteristics and properties of enhance, and provides a strong styling effect along with a high level of protection.

From High impact area's to Full coverage, we can help with protecting your vehicle with Gyeon PPF.

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