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Our cars can become victims of the elements in the winter, thanks to the damp, wet and cold conditions which all have negative effects on the body work and the engine – but there are other factors to consider in the winter too.

The grit and salt put down to help melt the snow no doubt keeps the roads safer to drive on, but that stuff can have a nasty effect on your car and it can get into all the nooks and crannies under the car as you drive along. While we all prepare for winter with checks on the car fluid levels and battery operation, we rarely think about the effect that simply driving on snowy gritted roads could be having on the vehicle’s bodywork. Sand, grit and salt can damage paintwork, cause rust problems and even hinder your car’s performance, so you really don’t want it building up on your car anywhere over the winter months. The places you are most likely to find problems are on the doors, bumpers and also the underside of the car. But there are a few measures you can take before the temperature drops, to help protect your car:

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